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In the beautiful groves of Vrindavan, Radha and Krishna's love is often depicted through enchanting scenes of them on a swing. Their story has eternally inspired the minds of artists, writers, poets, et al.

In Rasa, we depict this moment using textures, be it in the lustrous raw silk or the intricate embroidery using fine gold zari, with focus from construction to the signature curved waistline. From sketching to embroidery to tailoring, watching this blouse come together with all its exquisite elements is pure joy, just like the tales of the beloved duo.

It takes our embroiderers, Mari and Hari anna, three whole days to complete the fine work. Each element is embroidered meticulously, from the bark of the tree to the features of the duo and the tiny peacock, all just leaving one in awe, like a painting made of molten gold on silk. Sigh!

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