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Where do we even begin with this one? Our ‘Stardust’ is a piece of a story and an unexpected stitch on chance. From its hem to its fabric, everything about it is molded in elegance.

Inspired heavily by our deeper necklines and a fondness of a darker blue, this blouse is our first piece of The Night Quote. Isn’t it so apt? In name, color and fit, this blouse hangs like the stars we see above. Little sequins hand-embroidered to the soft velvet with a golden stitch on our neckline.
As the festive season falls over us soon, this blouse is perfect for all occasions, big or small. Pair this blouse with a sari of your liking and it will still be the showstopper, whether you want to carry a minimal look or a grand one, this one will serve its purpose of being the star of the look.
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