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You know those characters who are effortlessly charming and admirably consistent? That’s our Leela.
Sure, we are biased but she has remained a fan favorite since being introduced over 4 years ago! 
So what has kept Leela a constant on our best-sellers list? 
A simple cut, an ancient neckline, and elbow length sleeves with a string of meticulously hand embroidered flowers. A quick glimpse and it’s hard to believe it’s handmade but look a little closer and the layered embroidery work done by maestros Maari & Hari is awe-inspiring.  
Fit. Fabric. Function. That’s what we are about. But with Leela, embroidery takes precedence. Not every fabric can handle the weight of the intricate, layered flower embroidery so we use indigenous khadi.
Over the 4 years, while the colour has been customized as per customer’s preference, we’ve never tampered with Leela’s fit or style. There’s a lot we don’t know but we know you do not mess with a classic
You know those characters with whom you can spend an entire day and be comfortable? Oh wait, we already did this. But you get it. Whether you are going for vintage, subtle, or comfort, Leela is easy-going. We all need a Leela in our lives. 
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