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Signing Off, 2023!

Putting together our Instagram grid was like fitting pieces of a puzzle—a fun challenge with so much to share from this amazing year! Looking back, the photos bring back big smiles and happy tears, capturing joyful moments and beautiful scenes. There are also our notes of gratitude, to-do lists, sheets, and doodles, along with bits of poetry, prose and of course, your ever-so-encouraging words. 

Each post on the grid tells a story, reminding us of different phases of 2023. From the much-loved Ode to Wild collection to the Night Quote, which was widely adored, and the burst of colors in Sorbet; each post reflects a special part of our journey.

The grid isn't just blocks of pictures; it’s a page of our store’s scrapbook in the last year. And its also a big thank-you card for the love you've shown throughout the year <3

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