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We are The Button Thief Co. Just a bunch of imaginative and opinionated characters with indispensable value who are easily amused.

A little more about our team... 


Rajendra Master, a virtuoso with a can-do attitude, ensuring quality products and proper vastu directions. 

The tailors, only similar in their precise attention to detail-

Dilip, a trustworthy, well-meaning gruff who can cook, and we mean cook.

Keshavan, a responsible, diligent artisan with an envious work ethic.

Suresh, a young squirt with an eye for detail and finishing. 

The embroiderers, a dream team-

Maari, a calm and unfazed disposition that only adorably flusters when being complimented on his work, which happens often, to our delight. 

Hari, a laudable professional who takes on the workload with endless patience. 



Retail & Production;

Subhashini, a cheerful, all-knowing storekeeper with a genuine curiosity for everything retail. 

The Bhanu sisters couldn't be more different. 

Shakira Banu, a feisty one-woman show looking at everything from production to shipment while entertaining the team with funny anecdotes. 

Saira Banu, a warm, gentle soul with the momentous responsibility of sewing the buttons. 


Matangi, a trooper handling the challenges of operations, admin, and ensuring the pantry is stocked.


Medha, a whimsical artist full of fresh ideas with a penchant for accessorising the little things.

Akshaya, a pre-destined ally whose captures charmingly weave the story of our blouses. 

Divya, a curious scribbler with a fondness for storytelling. 

And, lastly

Swathy, a consummate creator with a passion not only for fit and fabrics, but in fostering creativity and building meaningful relationships that bands this gifted group together.

All together, a team where each member is involved, of essence, and excited by the little things, which is what we are about.

Nice to meet you, too! 


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