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It’s the small things. Like buttons. We don’t take them for granted. Our story is in the details. Whether it’s the objects around the store, the tags on our blouses, or our fabric and designs, we are fastidious in everything we do. As goes the saying, it’s the little things that make us happy. 

What began as an affair with saris, lead us to becoming #theblousemakers. It only made sense to craft a garment that compliments a sari so well. And also, we could put buttons on it! And we love our buttons. 

We believe…

In feeling good in the clothes we wear, not because of them. 

In designing blouses that accentuate your spirit rather than styling in tune with the latest trends. 

In spending time on the fabric, the design, and the fit in pursuit of comfort. 


Because who said sensible and comfortable cannot be good looking? 

And finally, we’d like to believe we are the idyllic corner store that you stumble upon at the serendipitous moment you are in need of a blouse. Or if you just want to admire some buttons. (Did we mention buttons? Not enough?

Come by then, and see what we are all about!

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