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This organza sari is pure magic. It's the dreamiest one we've ever had. The fabric is soft, almost see-through, like a gentle mist. Picture Silvermist as a waterfall transformed into a sari – shiny and flowing gracefully.

The name is inspired by a water fairy from childhood tales, fitting for a sari that looks this enchanting. Pair it with any blouse you fancy – silks, khadis, metallics, you name it. The sari itself is a unique blue, a blend of aqua and deep blue, with subtle gold borders. It's shiny and elegant, perfect for any occasion.

This sari is our cherished favourite for its ethereal charm, effortlessly captivating with timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. The sheer elegance of this sari echoes in its every fold, a symphony of grace and sophistication. Its ethereal presence is a conversation starter, sparking admiration at every gathering.


Whether it's a festive celebration or a formal event, this sari effortlessly adapts, leaving a lasting impression. As it drapes around, it tells a story of tradition and modernity converging seamlessly. 

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