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Receiving my first khadi shirt proved to be a delightful surprise. At the initial glance, it appeared distinct, setting it apart in my wardrobe. However, upon wearing it for the first time, I observed the dye seeping, crafting a one-of-a-kind design. What intrigued me even more was its dynamic nature. Over time, a natural and earthy scent emanated, characteristic of this pure and organic fabric.

I learned that khadi flourishes best under sunlight, and indeed, it seemed to awaken in the bright rays. This experience deepened my appreciation for the fabric's vitality. During the process of hand-washing, specks of colors surfaced, imparting character to the shirt. It dawned on me then – khadi is not merely a piece of cloth; it is a living, dynamic entity.

This conviction extended beyond clothing; it transformed into a perspective that permeated everything in my surroundings. From mugs to fabrics, each item seemed to possess a unique vitality. In a world where even inanimate objects convey narratives, khadi emerges as a vibrant storyteller, weaving tales through its threads. Every instance of wear, wash, and exposure to sunlight adds a new chapter to its lively existence. The beauty lies in recognising life, not exclusively in living beings, but also in the very fabric of our surroundings.

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