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Our store, resplendent and opulent, brimming with silk blouses that evoke an aura of grandeur, the season’s spirit! In a constant state of glitz and glam, our silks will be your best friend!

A symphony of gold and glitter dances upon these garments, hand-embroidered designs infusing them with a lavish allure. 

Soft silks, be it the understated Chanderis or the rich Kanchivarams, and the ever dramatic tissue silks, all speaking tales of heritage, gracing each blouse, creating an exquisite tapestry of fashion and tradition. Our The Silk Route Collection is truly special this season!

Pick our metallics for simple and sophisticated looks,

our bright hued silks, like Ivy, for an elegant pairing, or Rasa, for that statement look, 

each one, embracing the colour of the season; gold, be it in the embroidery or the little details!


Sigh, our favourite time of the year is here again! So come by and join our silk parade! 



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