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Within these studio walls lies a strength and resilience that defines our team. Each room acts as a pillar, supporting the creative edifice we've built.

Starting with our design team, always bustling through the stairs with papers fluttering about, unveiling an endless stream of sketches and schedules. Then, there's our tailoring department, where the nostalgic tunes of retro Bollywood music set the tempo for the rhythmic hum of sewing machines.

Upstairs, the air is filled with laughter and anecdotes about everything under the sun. The heady mix of fresh fabric and agarbathi wafts through the space. Entering the quality check area, you’ll find meticulous tasks like stitching buttons, ironing, etc. ensuring every garment meets our high standards. The melodic jingle of paayal signals lunchtime, as everyone gathers to share a communal meal.

All this time, our store manager is diligently arranging shelves, ever ready to welcome you. Every ring, every button, every fold is meticulously handled—though sometimes it's just the creative team with their cameras, capturing their 100th "inspiration break." This team oscillates between serene quiet and bursts of high energy, now engrossed in planning a new clay project!! What the finance team will have to say about this? It’s another addition to their mountain of Excel sheets, with the printer serving as their loyal companion.

As we step out, we see all the clutter magically cleared. The aroma of fresh tea permeates the pantry, greeted by a warm smile from housekeeping. Satisfied and ready for your new garment, you exit, greeted by the last person who, with a bright smile and a salute, says, "Thank you!" 

This team, we come back here each day for this, this team.

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