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Essentially, it’s two reasons. Sustainability and comfort. 

The lifespan of most products we use today is very short. Like that of a Goldcrest bird. Did you know the average lifespan of a Goldcrest is only 8 months?! (FYI, we are suckers for animals). Sidenote aside, in today’s world we engage in rampant consumerism enticed by trends and affordable costs. Now don’t get us wrong, we are as excited by new clothes as the next person, but believe it doesn’t have to be at a cost; human, animal, or environment alike.

As conscious consumers who support minimalism and fair trade, our intent is to create clothes that adapt and endure, like a crocodile. Did you know crocodiles lived with dinosaurs and survived the extinction?  In the world of fast fashion where we buy first, think later (the classic you can always return it if you don’t want it), we cater to those of us who think twice before a purchase. Do I need this now? Is it worth the value? Can I afford it? 

So here are a few commandments we live by. 

Produce in small quantities. Our pieces are limited and unique. 

Locally sourced materials. Handpicked fabrics with knowledge of its roots. .

Responsive to ethical production. Transparent and honest in our processes. 

Fabric and fit is key. Producing clothes for comfort. 

Playing a small part in improving ecological balance while wearing clothes we can move in (no biggie). So win-win all around. Come over and we’ll tell you about our fabrics and design mission. Or we can trade some fun animal facts. Especially about cats. Like did you know cats can’t taste anything sweet? Isn’t that wild! 


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