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You know that feeling when you lose a button on a loved piece of clothing? 

It’s such a small fix and yet, feels like a big one. Either because we don’t know how (but really, it’s quite simple!) or because we don’t have the tools. 

Our Mend Me kit was born from this.  

For those among us who make time to take care of the little things, we have a modest addition to every order: a needle, thread, and some buttons. 

And as a bonus, impress the ladies in your life with adept sewing skills and if it delights your whimsy, collect our lovely hand-made labels. 

 Idea and rendition by the ingenious duo, Medha and Matangi. 

 Ardent composition of each kit for the blouse by the multiskilled Subha. 


Enabling and appreciating those who make the choice to mend, because it is simple, smart, and self-reliant.


And not for nothing, it wins you brownie points with mom. Seriously, sew your own buttons and mama will be proud.


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