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​​Our lounge wear collection is meticulously crafted with mindfulness, tailored to accompany you through these enduring days, enveloping you in the sumptuous embrace of soft khadi.

​​It features five versatile pieces designed for everyday comfort and style. Crafted and designed using soft, breathable, handwoven fabric, each of these personifies simplicity and charm.

Whether you're navigating a busy Monday or enjoying a leisurely Sunday, these pieces effortlessly complement your lifestyle.

Feel the natural allure of khadi as it caresses your skin, a gentle whisper urging you to revel in life's simplest pleasures. This collection pays homage to understated elegance, effortlessly transitioning from one occasion to the next, adapting to the whims of mood and moment.

Let these garments be a reflection of your authentic self, enhancing your daily meanderings with subtle sophistication. SLOW invites you to embrace life's moments with ease and genuine style.

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