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There's always good places in the world. No matter how harsh it is outside, there are good shelters with good people. Walking into the store is one such. It is always bright and warm with the right amount of a cooler temperature. It's exactly like when the sun is bright and warm during the monsoon. The smell of fresh fabrics and agarbathi fills the entire room and you can hear threads being cut smoothly while there's a Tamil melody playing in the background.
When I start working, I naturally am all over the place, organised chaos is how I like to work. However, working here, I'm always sensitive to how cozy and warm it feels. I am in no rush, I have all the time in the world.  

Here, it’s the principle of slow and steady. Time is at a pause. The fabrics say; smooth and light, take it all in. They urge me to look at them and walk around. I resist because I can get carried away, I want to look outside the giant window or have a gossip or two. 

But no, I must not sway. I get back to clicking my keys. I am nine kilometres away from home and yet, I don't feel all that far. It's a different world here, with threads and buttons etching down their own timelines. It's all unfamiliar, but so welcoming.

Because outside these doors, time is fast and rushing is all I understand.

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