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In a world where fashion is often mass-produced and style is often non-personalised, there's still something uniquely special about clothing tailored just for you. At TBTC, we specialise in crafting custom-made blouses/outfits that celebrate your individuality and style. If you appreciate our aesthetics and design ethos, we invite you to bring in any fabric/saris from your collection and we'll transform it into a blouse that fits you just like how you’d like it to!

Our process begins with a personal consultation. We sit down with you to understand your style, make note of your requirements, and then embark on the journey of designing the blouse that is uniquely yours. From regular to relaxed fits, front-buttons to padding, and lining to intricate detailing, we cater to all your preferences. The ultimate goal is to ensure the blouse fits you—not the other way around.

We take immense pride in our personalised tailoring services, having worked with over a hundred brides and their families. Our expertise extends beyond the bride, offering elegant and subtle styles even for grooms and the rest of the family. From nieces to grandpas, we have had the pleasure of creating bridal attire for families spanning ages six to seventy. Every step of the process, from designing to trials, and finally the big day, is a journey we truly cherish and love being a part of.

At our studio, we understand that each occasion is special and each piece of clothing should reflect that. So whether it's for a wedding, a special event, or simply a desire to have a wardrobe tailored to your tastes, we are here to make that come true!

Come by our studio, reach out to us, and let us create clothing that feels just right for you. Your perfect blouse is really just a conversation away!

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